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Product Reviews


Kitchen Gear

How to cook with less mess in a small space

An RV kitchen or boat galley is so much smaller than a regular house kitchen. Each household appliance we decide to take with us has to earn its place in our collection.

The appliances that made the cut are multi-purpose and allow us to generate fewer dirty dishes.


Wi-Fi & Phone

How to get better cell service & boost Wi-Fi strength while traveling

Working on the road means finding ways to stay connected to both cell phone and internet service. Our research has helped us discover a few gadgets which make that connectivity easier.

Travel & Adventure Gear

How we have fun while traveling

While we don’t have room for a lot of extra toys on the road, there are a handful of both fun and useful gadgets that we really enjoy.




Health & Beauty

How to get & stay healthy while traveling

A life of travel makes it harder to maintain consistent health, fitness, and beauty routines. We have found some products that help us be healthy & happy on the road.