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How Did Ceaseless Exploration Get Started?

Shared Love Of Living Life Authentically & Fully

Long before we ever met each other, we were both out exploring this world and developing similar interests. We were discovering what our non-negotiables were when it came to life choices.

For both of us, one of the most important potential life regrets to avoid is reaching the end of our time here and feeling like we merely existed, caught up in the day-to-day mundanes and stressors that don’t ultimately fulfill us.

Our shared passion, our shared NEED is to lead lives filled with rich, rewarding, enlightening experiences. This intense drive towards a life spent living authentically and fully is where Ceaseless Exploration began.


How Did “Ceaseless Exploration” get its name?

T.S. Eliot & Star Trek

Choosing a name has, for us, been one of the most challenging and simultaneously rewarding pieces of this journey. It was important that the name reflect that this life of travel is not simply jumping on a fad for us – it is a passion that has been long sought after and hard earned.

“Ceaseless Exploration” was inspired by a portion of the T.S. Eliot poem “Little Gidding” which we first saw years ago paired with photos of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew members.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

The quote stuck with us and resurfaced as we began the hunt for a name. It powerfully embodies everything that we are about. We are ceaselessly exploring. The ultimate goal, “the end” is to allow ourselves to be touched by powerful experiences along the way and to grow from them. When we “arrive where we started,” we will be changed and will benefit from a deeper, more nuanced understanding of both ourselves and of others.

This is what we wish to share with you so you too may incorporate what you take away from the experiences we share with you. You may not be able to physically come with us on this trip, but we invite you to join us through our writings, photos, and videos.

Why Are All Your Photos Taken From Behind?

Privacy In A Digital World & Our Personal Vision of Travel Blogs/Photography

In the digital world filled with those who eagerly and gladly pose in front of the camera all the time, it may at first feel a bit odd to see only our backs in our photos. Yet, as you look more closely, you may realize that when you see a photo of two people facing the camera, smiling in front of a picturesque destination, your eyes go to the people and stop. You must actively force yourself to look beyond the faces to the destination which they are telling you about.

We are different. Our goal in sharing our exploration is not to show off that we have been to a certain location, but rather to draw you into the experience through the lens of our camera. We want you to share in the moment as you “stand” behind our shoulders and take in the view WITH us.

You may not see OUR faces, but you WILL frequently see the faces of our litter of little mascots! We call them “Doggie Dogs,” and there are currently 22 of them (although we are still scouring the interwebs for 9 more so we can have one for each day of the month).

Each Doggie Dog has a number and some have been given names. We still have some nameless dogs, so look for naming contests coming up where you can help name a dog!

For those of you with kids, the Doggie Dogs are having loads of fun on this adventure and they would be happy to write a postcard to send to your child and/or your child’s stuffed animal!

Check out our “Meet the Dogs” page for Doggie Dog bios as well as more info on upcoming naming contests and postcard requests.