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A few weeks ago we celebrated our one year nomadiversary. (For the uninitiated, a nomadiversary is the anniversary of the date travelers first became full time explorers.) On June 3rd of last year, we set out on this adventure feeling as prepared as possible yet also realizing that there were many things we would simply have to learn on the way.

We felt a sense of anticipation and the whole experience seemed surreal. Our society tells us over and over that the American Dream consists of a home in the suburbs (maybe even our very own mini-mansion), a spouse, two jobs, two kids, a pet, and a whopping 10 vacation days per year to go out and truly live life.

By daring to go out and seize this dream, we (and so many others like us), are believing that life can be more, that we can live more, that we don’t have to wait for someone else to sign off on us creating our own reality. We have that power all on our own.

In the last year we have met so many people of all backgrounds, ages and income levels who have had the audacity to make this life of exploration a reality. They each fund their travels in different ways, whether by campground hosting, vending their wares, taking on seasonal employment, online jobs, or through pensions/social security.

The common thread we see and hear is that they all are feel so grateful and blessed to be living this life. Regardless of the trade-offs that come with it (short showers while boondocking, small amounts of storage, etc.), this life of exploration is, for many of us, one filled with riches and growth.  

We look forward to the next year of travels and of living life in our own beautifully unconventional way. 

Now we challenge you – whatever your personal aspirations are – to craft and follow a plan to make those dreams a reality.

We would love to hear from you. What dream have you been putting off because it felt impossible?